Raw Mango Design

Raw Mango was born out of a thought to re-look fashion and design without any preset notions. We do not believe our designs need to be kitschy to be Indian. Our colours and designs find its roots in Indian philosophy and traditions.

Raw Mango is not just about the designs but about a larger program that has managed to uplift an entire community by creating a new value for an existing and ignored product. Handloom Saris, though worn by a large number in India, remains an area perceived to have little scope for new explorations, We have adapted traditional designs to make them simple, sophisticated and distinctly contemporary, thereby creating a fresh new aesthetic that is both indigenous and modern.

Raw Mango is a brand of contemporary Indian handwoven textiles crafted using traditional techniques. Our saris, fabrics and stoles reflect the skills of the more than 250 craftspeople employed by us